Most used tags and attributes in ant script

 <?xml version = "1.0"?> :Define which version we are using currently , it is base tag of every xml file.
 Root tag is <project> </project>
 echo : To print the statemtns.
 Name Name of the project.
 default: It defines the target of the script. if the script contains more than one target it defines the which target should be the first.
 basedir: defines root folder for the project.
 Depends: defines the depend on another target.
 copy: copy the files from one location to another.
 path: To represent the path of class files libraries.
 JavadocTo creating the java documentation for the project.
 jar: To create the jar files using the libraries and class files.
 war: To create the war files using the web files, libraries, XML and class files.
 mkdir: To create the directory.
 delete: to delete the files.
 rmdirTo remove the directory.
 fileset: collections of files using the filters include or exclude.
 javac: For compiling the java classes


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