Most used elements in maven pom.xml file

Project: Root element of pom.xml.
version: the version of the project.
artifactId: Project name
groupId: It refers to the package.
FinamName: Final name of the project component.
packaging: packaging type such as jar, war, ear.
dependencies: dependencies of the project.
Dependency: refers to a particular jar file (inside the dependencies tag).
URL: URL of the project.
scope: defines the scope for this maven project. It can be compile, provided, runtime, test and system.
Repositories: some of the libraries missing in a central repository, those related repositories are defined in repositories tag.
Repository: inside tag of repositories(like dependency).
properties: Defines the project properties like encoding formats.
scm: source code management like repository url's of (git-hub,git-lab,bit-bucket).
build: To build the project (all information compiling, build, deploy should be done this section only).
plugins: adding the plugins like (compiling, jar creation)
manifest: add the main class of your project.
goals: which one need to be first execute (clean,compile,build,package,test,deploy).
site: To generate the site creation.


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