How to push spring boot application into cloud foundry

Let's create our first spring boot application

Introduction to spring boot
Spring boot applications' main approach is reducing the time to design real-time applications.
In spring projects manually write the all XML configuration and server settings, in the spring-boot application we can avoid all these things.
The main advantage is spring boot built with the inbuilt server.

Environment setup

Download and install the latest sts: or eclipse: (If already installed please ignore this step).
Creatingspring-boot rest service
Now let's talk about how to push your spring boot application into the cloud foundry
Step1: Go to the your spring boot application directory and open the command prompt.
Rest Template

Step2: For pushing the application into cloud foundry type the below command :

cf push RestTemplate -p target\RestTemplate-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
Step3 : It downloads the build pack file and pushes the entire application into cloud foundry.
Step4:After successfully pushed the application into cloud foundry . Log into the cf portal . You will see one application running in stage like below.
Step5: Click on route URL(this is the public URL , you can access it anywhere in the world).


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