Pivotal cloud foundry useful commands

Command Description
apps List all apps in the target space
app Display health and status for an app
push Push a new app or sync changes to an existing app
scale Change or view the instance count, disk space limit, and memory limit for an app
delete Delete an app
rename Rename an app
start Start an app
stop Stop an app
restart Stop all instances of the app, then start them again. This causes downtime.
restage Recreate the app's executable artifact using the latest pushed app files and the latest environment (variables, service bindings, buildpack, stack, etc.). This action will cause app downtime.
restart-app-instance Terminate, then restart an app instance
run-task Run a one-off task on an app
tasks List tasks of an app
terminate-task Terminate a running task of an app
events Show recent app events
files Print out a list of files in a directory or the contents of a specific file of an app running on the DEA backend
logs Tail or show recent logs for an app
env Show all env variables for an app
set-env Set an env variable for an app
unset-env Remove an env variable from an app
stacks List all stacks (a stack is a pre-built file system, including an operating system, that can run apps)
stack Show information for a stack (a stack is a pre-built file system, including an operating system, that can run apps)
copy-source Copies the source code of an application to another existing application (and restarts that application)
create-app-manifest Create an app manifest for an app that has been pushed successfully
get-health-check Show the type of health check performed on an app
set-health-check Change type of health check performed on an app
enable-ssh Enable ssh for the application
disable-ssh Disable ssh for the application
ssh-enabled Reports whether SSH is enabled on an application container instance
ssh SSH to an application container instance
Command Description
marketplace List available offerings in the marketplace
services List all service instances in the target space
service Show service instance info
create-service Create a service instance
update-service Update a service instance
delete-service Delete a service instance
rename-service Rename a service instance
create-service-key Create key for a service instance
service-keys List keys for a service instance
delete-service-key Delete a service key
bind-service Bind a service instance to an app
unbind-service Unbind a service instance from an app
bind-route-service Bind a service instance to an HTTP route
unbind-route-service Unbind a service instance from an HTTP route
create-user-provided-service Make a user-provided service instance available to CF apps
update-user-provided-service Update user-provided service instance
share-service Share a service instance with another space
unshare-service Unshare a shared service instance from a space
Command Description
orgs List all orgs
org Show org info
create-org Create an org
delete-org Delete an org
rename-org Rename an org
Command Description
spaces List all spaces in an org
space Show space info
create-space Create a space
service-keys List keys for a service instance
delete-space Delete a space
rename-space Rename a space
allow-space-ssh Allow SSH access for the space
disallow-space-ssh Disallow SSH access for the space
space-ssh-allowed Reports whether SSH is allowed in a space
Command Description
domains List domains in the target org
create-domain Create a domain in an org for later use
delete-domain Delete a domain
create-shared-domain Create a domain that can be used by all orgs (admin-only)
delete-shared-domain Delete a shared domain
router-groups List router groups
Command Description
routes List all routes in the current space or the current organization
create-route Create a url route in a space for later use
check-route Perform a simple check to determine whether a route currently exists or not
map-route Add a url route to an app
unmap-route Remove a url route from an app
delete-route Delete a route
delete-orphaned-routes Delete all orphaned routes in the currently targeted space (i.e. those that are not mapped to an app)
Command Description
network-policies List direct network traffic policies
add-network-policy Create policy to allow direct network traffic from one app to another
remove-network-policy Remove network traffic policy of an app
Command Description
buildpacks List all buildpacks
create-buildpack Create a buildpack
update-buildpack Update a buildpack
rename-buildpack Rename a buildpack
delete-buildpack Delete a buildpack
Command Description
create-user Create a new user
delete-user Delete a user
org-users Show org users by role
set-org-role Assign an org role to a user
unset-org-role Remove an org role from a user
space-users Show space users by role
set-space-role Assign a space role to a user
unset-space-role Remove a space role from a user
Command Description
quotas List available usage quotas
quota Show quota info
set-quota Assign a quota to an org
create-quota Define a new resource quota
delete-quota Delete a quota
update-quota Update an existing resource quota
share-private-domain Share a private domain with an org
unshare-private-domain Unshare a private domain with an org
Command Description
space-quotas List available space resource quotas
space-quota Show space quota info
create-space-quota Define a new space resource quota
update-space-quota Update an existing space quota
delete-space-quota Delete a space quota definition and unassign the space quota from all spaces
set-space-quota Assign a space quota definition to a space
unset-space-quota Unassign a quota from a space


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