How to set email configuration in Jenkins


If you have mail protocol details like (Gmail SMTP) Setting email configuration is easy.
Note: Before setting email configuration you need to fulfill the below requests.
1. Allow the low secure apps(third party emails, in case if you use Gmail SMTP).
2. Remove the 2 step verification(if you are using Gmail SMTP).

Here are the Gmail SMTP details

ssl security port:465
No ssl :port:587

Follow the steps to set email configuration in Jenkins

Step1: Log in your Jenkins server.
Step2: Click on the manage Jenkins.
Step3: Then click on Configuration then go the Email notification(under the page).

Step4: Smtp I am using Gmail SMTP(change the details whatever you want).

Step5:Default user e-mail

Step6: Click on advanced for email authentication here you are providing your username and password.

Step7: Click tick mark on use SSL and port is: 465.

Step8: Add the reply to address:
Step9: Tick on Test configuration by sending test e-mail then it will ask Test e-mail recipient add your email and click on test configuration.

Step10: Check your email. you will get the sample from Jenkins.


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