How to clone and push the code from atom editor to repository( git-lab,git-hub,bit-bucket)

Environment setup :

  • Install the git from
  • Then install the atom editor from
  • After installation successfully we need to install the git-lab integration plugin for push and pull the code from the repository.

Here are steps to how to install the plug-ins in atom editor.

Step1: After installation of atom home screen should like be like below
Atom Home page
Step2: Go to the package-->settings view-->install packages and themes
Atom Dashboard
Step3: Search with git-lab integration, showing the first result in plugin manager install the plugin.
Adding Plugin
Step4: After successfully installed the plugin then pull the code from the git-lab repository, go to the package-->command palate-->toggle.
Command palete
Step5: Then type the git clone and enter.
Git Clone Command
Step6: Now enter the repository URL and click on the clone button.
Clone the Code
Step7: Code will automatically Download to your destination directory.
Application structure
Step8: Now change files and commit the file.
Changing file versions
Step9: Now push the code into the repository, go to the package-->command palate-->toggle. Then type the git commit. Enter code will automatically push into the repository.
push command
Step10: After successfully pushed code from atom to the repository, Then repository can track the file and commit message.
Repository dashboard


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