Ionic framework introduction and How to Build .apk & .ipa for android and mac users


  • It is an open source, designing for hybrid mobile applications.
  • By default framework, automatically generated source code for 3 different type templates no need to worry about code. below are the installation steps to get the automated generated code.
Software Requirements:
  • Install the java
  • Download the node js
  • To create or develop android$ios application we want this software.
  • Install the atom editor for developing: 
  • After installation check the version of node js: npm-version
  • After that install the phone gap to follow the below command open your command prompt run as administrator.     npm install -g PhoneGap
  • After that Install, the Cordova to follow the command: npm install -g Cordova     
  • After that Install, the ionic to follow the command:   npm install -g ionic.  
Environment setup is ready.
To develop android or ios app follow the below steps.
Ionic framework automatically generated source code for 3 different type templates
  • Blank 
  • Side menu 
  • Tab
According to the blank template, in this template, there is no source code provided
Initially, you have to develop the code, build the code and run, test it manually.

Coming to side menu in this template they are providing some side menu tabs with source code. If you want source code please follow the below steps.
  1. Open your command prompt copy the following command: ionic serve your application name side menu 
  2. After enter, the button source will be downloaded from git hub, after download successfully goes to your application path to follow the below command.CD to your application directory. 
  3. To run the application type the following command: ionic serve --lab 
  4. Go-to your application folder.
  5. Open the atom software you previously installed and load your source code and build the application as per your requirement.
Do the same structure for Tab menus also.

How to Build APK for android & ios devices?
  1. To build apk for Android, download the Android SDK zip folder.
  2. After download extract the folder and go to tools .click on android.bat
  3. After successfully installation go to local disc c go to android folder.
  4. Now you have to set the environment variables.
ANDROID_HOME: your android root folder.
CLASSPATH: your platform-tools folder in the android folder.
Android SDK path setting
Android SDK path setting
Android SDK path setting

After environment set, you have added the platform for your application which is android or mac-ios.
To add platform: ionic platform add android.
To Build the project follow the command: ionic build android.


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