How to install Apache ant on windows system


1. Ant means another neat tool.
2. It is a Java-based build tool from Apache Software Foundation.
3. Ant file is written in XML file .when run the ant it's the search for the build.xml file.
4. It is used to automate the build and deployment process.
5. It basically compiles the code, package the code deploying the binaries into the server.


1. Before installing ant you need to install java. For Java Download from
2. Then install the ant from
Apache Ant
3. Unzip the folder and copied into your desired location and set the path in environment variables. for setting the path to follow the below steps.

  • Go to environment variables and set the path of ant binary files.
Environment variables
  • Then add the new user variable name as path and variable value as (path to the bin folder of ant).
path adding have successfully installed ant on your system, whether the ant is successfully installed or not, to check the below command: ant -v
open the command prompt and type the ant -v then you will show the output message like ant version installed on your system.
Version of ant


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